A glimpse of an eye at downtown in any of major cities in Poland is enough to say that we can be proud of most recent commercial real estate developments. Office buildings became more ergonomic and tenant friendly, ongoing technology integration increase users’ comfort and efficiency with a very strong strive towards environmental neutrality. Yet, investors, developers and tenants share one key negligence in their enthusiasm in integrating and using Smart Building technologies: CYBERSECURITY.

In our most recent Smart Buildings cybersecurity research Seqred’s team managed to identify critical vulnerabilities in Building Automation Systems in car dealerships, warehouses, office buildings, shopping malls to name a few. Totally over 200 buildings with their door virtually open for attackers willing to shut down HVAC, lights, overheat tap water or disable access control systems. And all of this leveraging only one of misconfigurations quite common for building controllers produced by three leading Building Automation solutions vendors.

Access to lightning control in car dealership in central Poland

For all of those who wonder whether they are vulnerable – please test your Smart Building solutions and leverage cyber control mechanisms to mitigate the risk of successful cyber intrusion. Should you used even a few of basic solutions as prescribed in UFC 4-010-06 – Cybersecurity of Facility – Related Control Systems or UFGS – Unified Facilities Guide Specifications you’d be more secure.

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