Press Releases

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Founding of #CyberMadeInPoland

We are proud to announce that SEQRED is now one the founders of the #CyberMadeInPoland group for members of the polish cybersecurity industry.


Partnership with Nozomi Networks

Nozomi Networks – the leader in OT & IoT security and SEQRED are delighted to announce their cybersecurity partnership.


Partnership with Honeywell

We are proud to announce that SEQRED has become a Honeywell cybersecurity partner.


Dariusz Fabiszewski – Executive Board Advisor in Seqred

We are pleased to welcome Dariusz Fabiszewski on board. Dariusz, with his 30 years of experience at the forefront of leading IT companies, will join Seqred’s team as the Executive Board Advisor.


SEQRED’s first year of operation is behind us!

It was a period of hard work, but also led to many breakthroughs – we have assembled a team of specialists from various fields of cybersecurity and built the infrastructure necessary for our work.


Bug bounty for Seqred

June 14th Seqred got bug bounty for reporting vulnerability in a network device’s firmware of one of leading producers.