We are a company that offers services. We specialize in surveys, testing and building security. We fight cyberattacks with the help of the best solutions available on the market.

IkonaOur mission at Seqred is providing security for our Client’s infrastructure and critical resources. We do our best to choose such cybersecurity solutions that provide continuity of operations and make the cyberspace a safe place.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

assessment of the security level of components and systems included in the infrastructure, aimed at finding critical vulnerabilities and recommending solutions to maintain business continuity

Smart Building Cybersecurity

a comprehensive service that allows to assess the state of security, identify risk areas and present recommendations and for Smart Building systems and components

Cybersecurity Bill of Materials

analysis and security audit of third-party software components, including their versions and existing vulnerabilities based on the source code, firmware or back analysis of the device itself

Red Team operations

activities that allow testing the readiness of teams, processes and technologies to protect critical company resources by simulating real attacks aimed at breaking security.

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