Industrial Control Systems Security Audit

Multidimensional Cybersecurity Assessment

Industrial Control Systems Security Audit

Multidimensional Cybersecurity Assessment


Equipment manufacturers and integrators might not provide adequate cybersecurity measures at the stage of implementation and maintenance of control systems. More and more frequent attacks on industrial infrastructure indicate the need to include cybersecurity aspects in key risk analysis.

How can we help You?

We offer assessments of individual risk areas at the technical, process and business levels. We identify high-risk areas. We present recommendations of corrective actions increasing ICS cybersecurity, adjusted to the needs and capabilities of the company. We provide support in the implementation of improvements as well as provide ongoing support in monitoring the cybersecurity maturity level.

Depending on the company’s unique cybersecurity needs we offer:

ICS security assessments: We offer workshops for employees as well as on-site evaluations based on an initial analysis of readily available data regarding ICS cyber security.

ICS architecture security audit: Using agreed upon criteria supplemented with information from surveys, workshops and careful examination of additional documentation, we validate the initial analysis and rate the cybersecurity maturity level.

In-depth analysis of ICS critical areas: Following in-depth inspections of critical areas, we recommend corrective actions which can be taken to counteract identified discrepancies and risks.

Support in implementing security measures: Subsequently to an ICS security assessment, completed in an agreed upon form and time frame, we offer assistance in taking corrective actions and implementing security policies.


Ensuring the business continuity of industrial control systems

Infrastructure assesment, including hardware and software not supported by manufacturers

Recommendations on adjusting the security measures to comply with applicable standards and good practice

Periodic monitoring of the cybersecurity maturity level and practical validation of the correct implementation of security policies

Deepening the analysis of components cruicial for ensuring the continuity of ongoing processes

Providing technical expertise in developing and implementing appropriate activities to maintain plans for resilience regarding the detected cybersecurity incident

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