Threat Intelligence

proactive counteracting
to cyber threats

Threat Intelligence

proactive counteracting
to cyber threats


A great challenge for every head of the Security and IT Department is to prevent cyberattacks before the actual attack on infrastructure appears. For protection, we offer a proactive Zero Day Live system that notifies users of upcoming threats. It allows reducing cyber risk by an additional 53 percent compared to other similar security solutions on the market.


cybersecurity technology works responsively


security departments do not have the current knowledge necessary to repel new cyberattacks


attacks are not detected

How cen we help?

Zero Day Live is based on proprietary machine learning technology supported by world-class cybersecurity experts and hackers around the world. The system identifies gaps and threats before they become a problem that can cause real losses in the company infrastructure, which translates into measurable image and financial benefits. The information collected in the database is obtained from the Internet, Deep and Dark Web, from dedicated and hard-to-reach discussion forums and using appropriately programmed internet sensors. This allows providing access to hidden information about planned and ongoing attacks.

The Zero Day Live system has been implemented in the infrastructure of many customers around the world.

Threat Intelligence – benefits

readiness for attacks thanks to advance information about potential and forthcoming threats

detection of a significantly larger number of threats than in the case of classic security systems

securing IT systems or detailed in-house security setting instructions automatically

full access to information on new cyber threats and risks in the world together with access to data on potential Zero Day type threats