Penetration tests

vulnerability identification
in ICT systems and infrastructure


vulnerability identification
in ICT system systems and infrastructure


The focus on effective delivery of business services sets a rapid pace for modern companies’ operations. The multitude and variety of ICT systems as well as the lack of appropriate procedures for inventory and configuration management can lead to a failure to update systems, uncontrolled connections being established between unknown devices and the infrastructure or the occurrence of vulnerabilities in systems. These types of violations could lead to an increased exposure to difficult to detect cyberattacks, the aftermath of which may affect the company’s image and budget.

How can we help You?

As part of penetration tests, we will identify vulnerabilities in the inspected infrastructure or system and suggest specific corrective measures to mitigate the identified issues. We take an individual approach to each test, which allows us to conduct an analysis taking into account possible vectors of attack. The finalised report on identified vulnerabilities is supplemented with a scoring index developed on the basis of well-established methodologies (e.g. CVSS 3.0).


verification of infrastructure readiness to the most common attack vectors

detection of potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities

conducting a broad analysis of the infrastructure, systems and the software by organising resources and devices on the network

effectiveness verification of existing preventive mechanisms

offering suggestions for the implementation of corrective actions