Small Business Cyber Security Response and Recovery. Part I – Introduction

Small Business Cyber Security Response & Recovery

Part 1 – Introduction

These days most businesses rely on computers and the internet to do business. As they do so they become more and more dependent on the digital information they store, use and exchange within the business and to interact with other businesses and organisations. This inadvertently gives rise to the possibility of something unexpected happening in the business’s cyber dimension – a cyber incident.

A cyber incident can happen because of an accidental event – such as accidental damage to the IT infrastructure caused by fire, flood, theft, or some other occurrence. It can also be the result of deliberate action such as unauthorised or attempted access to the IT system in the form of breaches or malicious attacks – malware infection, ransomware, or phishing attacks.

In these mini-series addressed to small businesses, SEQRED will guide you on how to prepare for a cyber incident from response through to recovery in five steps:

  • Preparing for incidents
  • Identifying what is happening
  • Resolving the incident
  • Reporting the incident to wider stakeholders
  • Learning from the incident

In the first article we will focus on best practices in preparing for a cyber incident.

Do you require help with preparing for and dealing with cyber incidents?

If you have any questions or require help or advice on preparing for and dealing with cyber incidents, please contact us at SEQRED.

SEQRED specialises in all areas of cybersecurity including Critical Infrastructure Protection, Cloud Services Security, Audits or Threat Intelligence. For a full list of our services visit our website –

Stay safe rather than sorry!

About this guide

The idea for this guide is based on the Cyber Security Response and Recovery Guide for Small Business published by the National Cyber Security Centre, UK. You can access the guide here.


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