Small Business Cyber Resilience Improvement Guide. Part I – Introduction


With the recent increase in ransomware attacks around the world the question shifts from “If we will get hacked” to “When will we get hacked”. It applies to all of us who use a computer, a mobile phone or one of the many electronic devices.  The next question that really should follow is “What can I do to be prepared and mitigate – if not eliminate – the consequence of a ransomware attack?”.

In this guide SEQRED shares some best practices that everybody should follow to improve their cyber resilience. These best practices are very basic in essence, yet they can drastically improve your cyber security advantage at a minimal expense.

Backed by our practical experience and available online resources we have divided this advice into five sections:

  • Backing up your data
  • Protecting your organisation from malware
  • Keeping your mobile devices safe
  • Power of passwords
  • Avoiding phishing attacks

The first article will cover best practices to do with backing up of your data.

Stay safe rather than sorry!


About this guide

The idea for this guide is based on the Cyber Security Guide for Small Business published by NCSC in November 2018. You can access the guide here.

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