Multiple vulnerabilities in GameLoop – remote code execution, privilege escalation

Gameloop is an Android emulator released by Tencent. During our tests, we have identified multiple vulnerabilities which can lead to code execution and privilege escalation inside the guest operating system.

  • CVEID: CVE-2020-29008
  • Name of the affected product(s) and version(s): Tencent Gameloop (all versions)
  • Problem type: CWE-96: CWE-284: Improper Access Control

  • CVEID: CVE-2020-29009
  • Name of the affected product(s) and version(s): Tencent Gameloop (all versions prior to 3.21.736.100)
  • Problem type: CWE-96: CWE-284: Improper Access Control


All versions of Gameloop emulator up to 3.21.736.100 allow remote code execution in guest operating system with root privileges by unsecured ADB connection to port 5555. Additionally, all versions of Gameloop allow unprivileged local attackers to gain root privileges.


Every version of Tencent GameLoop emulator allows local attackers (e.g., any installed apps, as well as attackers who achieved code execution through a different vulnerability) to obtain root privileges by calling the unprotected su binary. The user will not be informed about the attempt to obtain root privileges, as they would be if the Android root access manager application were used. This is known as CVE-2020-29008.

Additionally, Tencent GameLoop emulator before 3.21.736.100 accepts ADB connections on TCP port 5555. Those connections might come from remote machines and allow the attacker to access the emulated Android system with the permissions of root user. Users of the affected emulator do not receive any prompt to accept or reject the connection, as they would on most ADB-enabled Android devices. This bug is designated CVE-2020-29009.


1. CVE-2020-29008:

su -c [command_to_execute]

2. CVE-2020-29009:

adb connect [emulator_ip_address]:5555; adb shell


Update Gameloop to the newest version. Do not install any untrusted applications in Gameloop’s guest operating system.

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