CVE-2019-14326 – privilege escalation in Andy

Andy is an Android emulator for Windows and Mac.

During our tests, we have found open local TCP ports which could be exploited to escalate privileges from user to root.

CVEID: CVE-2019-14326
Name of the affected product(s) and version(s): Andy (all versions up to 46.11.113)
Problem type: CWE-284: Improper Access Control


All versions of Andy (up to and including 46.11.113, and possibly newer versions as well) allow telnet and ssh access to root account without password protection.


Andy emulator opens ports 22 and 23 inside the emulated Android systems. These are ssh and telnet ports, giving access to the root shell with no password protection. While the issue is not exploitable remotely because the emulated Android device is only visible inside a VMWare network accessible only to the host operating system and the emulated Android system itself, it can be used by malicious apps installed inside the emulated systems to escalate privileges to root without user interaction.


echo “[polecenie_do_wykonania]” | busybox telnet localhost 23


Kill ssh and telnet daemons.

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